About me

If you want to get to your feelings you must be in good contact with yourself. When we come in contact with the other person, there is a "point of contact"

About me

I am Navayo Leeuwin. I am a professional coach, inspirator, creative thinking trainer and an advisor. I use the latest coaching and training methods and I have years of experience in personally guiding people. This gives me experience in finding the right work-life balance.
For example, I have worked with different cultures. If you stick with the rational and analytical, you can get there with the right guidance. So that you can get to your feelings and heart.

I can help you get into your calling and destination. I used to suffer from stage fright when I had to speak for groups. That was because I was suffering from nerves, because I was too focused on performance, but also because I was so perfectionist. These experiences have made me know who I am now. So that I can continue to render and function properly under any situation. I know better than anyone how important the right work-life balance is. That is why I know how you can balance yourself at home.

I got married in May 2011 and have two beautiful young daughters, who make me realize daily how important the balance between work and private life is.
I am someone who wants to get the best out of himself and the other .

However, I am also grateful for all the lessons that life has given me.

During travels abroad, where I trained various groups, I learned how to get back up when you fall deep. I have personally experienced deprivation of liberty, a serious ailment and a poor balance between work and private life. I was able to turn these lows into highs, because I was able to share my story for larger groups as a source of inspiration.

I have experience what it is like to get stuck in thinking, the rational and the analytical. In the period when I was confronted with this, I was able to bend it for myself by changing.
Because I have learned to renew my thinking, by thinking differently. There are more people who run into this. This makes it difficult to find a good balance. Over the years I know how to get to my heart and my feelings, when you are looking for peace in yourself. Because you come home to yourself.

For example, experts increasingly see that people do not have a good work-life balance, because people work too much, so that they do not show off in private.

I have suffered from cluster headaches for 17 years, also known as "suicide headache". According to medical science, it was not curable. Nevertheless, I have now miraculously been declared completely healthy. I know from these experiences how you can balance yourself (regardless of the circumstances).

I also led the life of a top athlete and participated in the Dutch athletics championships. Because of this I know what it is like to perform at a high level. As a top athlete I have never been able to give optimal attention to my private life. It was all about performance, so that other matters, which were also very important in private, were discussed less than others. Unfortunately, this way of life has taken up too much precious (family) time for me. I never had time to go on trips or do other fun things..

In my spare time, I dedicate myself with heart and soul in many charities and community projects at home and abroad. Projects of which I am also the initiator. One of the projects I have set up is a water pump project in Africa. Partly thanks to my efforts, 10 water pumps were purchased. In setting up this project, I was also able to train many people in Uganda, so that it could lead to a successful project. This project has improved the lives of many people. And as a result of this project even a better future. A future with more quality of life. Because in water there is life.

During this project I mainly learned how important the balance between work and private life is. Because I work with other cultures, there are many other things that I would not encounter in the Netherlands. Partly because of this experience, I learned how to continue to function properly under high voltage. Because I had to make important decisions for the smooth progress of the project.

In addition, I have followed various training courses. I followed and completed an education at ICM education & training as a professional coach. In addition, I have followed and completed intensive combination training to become a trainer / coach and creative Thinker / Facilitator at the Academy for Innovative Training & Coaching.

I have completed a storytelling course at the storytelling academy. Storytelling is a great coaching skill. By following these studies I learned to balance between work and private life.

Except in the Netherlands, I have traveled as a trainer / coach to Belgium, Suriname, French Guiana, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and Curaçao to help, coach and train people. My method is original and goes deeper and further than the average training and coaching. I therefore feel very privileged that my personal experiences have given me such important tools with which I can help others.