Spiritual freedom without side effects

Spiritual, physical & mental healing

This is one of the most important trainings.

Only you decide how far you want to go. Both you and Navayo will determine and define your limits. So that good, long lasting and sustainable results are achieved.

There are different types of healing. You can heal from negative and wrong soul bonds, traumas, bitterness, not being able to forgive another person. You may suffer from tension, stress and knots in your body. These are often caused by spiritual and mental problems.

Navayo has worked with people from different backgrounds and several cultures. That's why he knows that every person needs a different approach, however the healing of a damaged soul or a spiritual block is basically the same for everyone.

You can be bound and imprisoned by things from your past that, although they happened a long time ago, still play an (active) role today. Without you being able to make the link with those events in your past.

It can be nightmares or feelings that are still unresolved. Because of this, some things seem to keep coming back.

You can receive strength, so you can be free.

By means of intuitive coaching and working with imagination we can get to the fundamental problem. When you keep getting stuck or notice that a failed relationship still plays a role in your life, you can benefit from this coaching and training. Maybe you notice that your energy level is different than it should be, so that you can function differently or less well.

During this coaching and training you will be trained and coached on how to receive healing at different levels. This can be on a spiritual, emotional or physical level.

You will be trained how to reform and renew your thinking and even transform by thinking differently. By doing so you will learn to function differently and better.

The way you think or speak has an effect on the healing of your inner DNA.

Navayo will work with imagination, allowing you to receive perfect inner peace. During the training spiritual ties and ties that have a negative effect on you, will be broken.

Energies can be formed in order for you to receive healing, some things can even transcend this. Thus you can be complete as a human being.

Sometimes you can only reach a certain level during a coaching or training.

Then it is important to go deeper, because otherwise certain things in your personality can never been breached. This can be done by applying the power of 'the spoken word'. These are living words from the living Word. In this way you are given guidance on how spiritual words can change your life. By putting everything you have learned into practice almost immediately, you will not only listen passively, you will get into 'action'. This makes you not only a listener, a doer also. Doing so the words really resonate. This means that they can be of life-determining meaning. Not only for yourself, also for the people around you.

That is why we work with this 'alternative form of healing' from 'the spoken word'.

This goes further than the Chinese medicine that many will know and recognize. With 'the spoken Word' you assume that you can live not only by eating bread the words of life are important too.

This is the life on a spiritual level that can make us as humans whole and complete.

The bread you eat could get past expiry date if you keep it too long. Besides this food spiritual food is necessary. This is the 'spoken word' that provides you with mentally/spiritual food. People generally only take care of themselves physically, which is often a reason why many people get complaints.

Caring for your mind and soul is just as important because it is a good way to take care of your inner soul and who you are as a human being.

Mental training is an important part you can work on deep inside of you. It helps to renew the way you think. You learn to become more aware of everything your eyes can’t see, but you know it exists.

It is the intention that you also work on this in your own time, so that you don't risk falling back into old and conditioned behaviour again.

Navayo achieves this by learning you to be not only 'a passive hearer' also a doer by taking action.

The ultimate goal is for someone to become a 'new creation' of the person he or she should always have been.

First session

During this session we get to know each other and I show you what I can do for you.

The first session (30 minutes) is free.

If you like to continue after the first session, you will be send a quotation before we continue.