The goal is to provide you with handles that you can be reactivated from within.

As a human being, you are formed in the very earliest beginning of your life, in your mother's belly, for the rest of your life. However, sometimes you get stuck and don't really know what's causing it, or how to turn it around. For example, if your mother got unwantedly pregnant with you, this can make you feel unwanted for all of your life. As a result, emotional blockages may arise, causing you to develop habits and thoughts that can be a burden to you.

In order to deal with this, it is important to go back to your core. That core needs to be activated again. This can be set in motion by giving and sharing. Everything you give, sow and share will be returned to you in this universe. What you sow, you will reap. For this is how the divine universe works. However, it is important to no longer only see your impossibilities and weaknesses, it is important to live your live in your full potential, your abilities, and your strengths. The intention is to learn to recognize and acknowledge your strengths.

Doing so you learn to use this side of yourself optimally.

As a result, you get to learn new things as you shift your attention from your weaknesses to your strengths.

The natural life is the life in this world and is everything that grows, flourishes and lives.

Some people are blind because they can't see. Some people are deaf because they can't hear. Someone who is blind doesn't know where to walk and needs a white cane to help him, or someone who takes him by the hand to guide him.

This also applies to the inner being, the spiritual side. Someone who doesn't know which way to go in life, is like a blind person who doesn't know where he is going. Only he is spiritually blind because he stumbles in many ways.

Almost everyone has dreams, only some people don't ever dream anymore when they are asleep. If you no longer dream when you are asleep, the communication with your inner being is broken. Your communication with your inner being is also broken if you have only nightmares or if you only dream weird or strange. Events from the past can be the basis. Or a hardened and stone heart, which makes it difficult or almost impossible for you to get to your deeper feelings.

The goal is to give you the right tools to reactivate from the inside out.

Order and direction in your life are important, especially when you have to deal with traumas, fears, uncertainties or nightmares. Or when you don't dream at all anymore. Dreaming is so important. Only when you dream, you can make your dreams come true. To see to what extent they are feasible for you, it is important to be a listener as well as someone who acts. By turning your dreams into action. A broken or damaged identity can heal. Your desires are of the utmost importance to Navayo to reach that goal.