Wounds of the soul and traumas

Healing of wounds of the soul and traumas

Many people suffer from wounds of the soul and need healing at soul level. Because they are still weighed down by the emotional wounds originated from the past. These emotional wounds are usually caused by rejection, separation from parents, negative experiences and disappointments. Or other traumatic experiences and events. Someone who has been bullied a lot in the past can still suffer from this. Some people find it difficult to attach themselves or to surrender to others because their trust has often been violated in the past.

Partly because of this they have been damaged and out of self-protection and to prevent this from happening again, they stick to certain patterns and rules.

You often see that someone finds it difficult to trust another person again, causing them to harden from the inside. A so called ‘stone heart’ is the result. Especially inner pride hardens our heart.

Fears, fear of failure, emotional blockages or a negative self-image can also arise, or actually pride. Because you don't want to admit that you are actually the one who should be changing instead of the people who have broken your trust.

The only way to get rid of your wounds of the soul is to break through past events. So you can get out of your vicious circle.

Navayo himself has been the victim of an armed robbery in which violence has been used and shots were fired. This happened during one of his trips abroad where he was to train and coach people. During this robbery intimidation and deprivation of liberty has taken place. It seemed to be a hopeless situation because of the violence that created a life-threatening situation.

It would have been very easy for Navayo to be traumatised by it. But he also had the choice to look at the positive aspects and to come out victorious. Navayo chose the latter. Partly thanks to this situation he is now able to help and coach you with occurrences and situations that seem hopeless. He won't come up with a solution, but he asks questions and together with him you can help yourself.

These are experiences in which you learn the most about yourself. Only do you allow yourself to do this as well?

Despite such intense experiences, at a certain point you have to learn to switch the button in order to be able to move on with your life.

Navayo will use these practical experiences to help people who also have troubled backgrounds, so they can turn something negative into a power and a strength. In order to let it grow into something positive. But this requires courage, boldness and strength on your part.

His personal experiences with cluster headaches, enables Navayo to empathize with your pain very well.

The intention is for you to step into your power and to be activated to reach your full potential.

To achieve this, it is necessary that all your emotional blockages and inner resistances are lifted. Because they are like an impenetrable wall in your life or personality.

Ultimately, the process of healing the wounds of the soul is important for you to understand that growth is needed in order to be a healing and living stone.

Your identity and who you are as a person are very important.

In this coaching and training you will learn what is meant by the symbolism 'Living stone' and 'Healing stone'.

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