Hidden life and a good fruit

A tree with good and bad fruits

We all have to deal with pain, illnesses and grief not visible at the outside. What if these complaints are structural? What if you have fatigue symptoms all the time, or headaches and other pain symptoms? At some point, these complaints can develop negative ideas. For yourself and also for the people around you. Only it is not visible at the outside. When you tell them about it, they think it is an excuse. Particularly because it is not visible for them. Maybe you have secrets nobody knows of but you, secrets that you are not proud of at all. You live a hidden life, or a second life next to your normal life. Usually a life next to your job and your family. A hidden or secret life, for example, you have a gambling or porn addiction, you've been abusing and beating your wife or children, you are an adulterer, or have angry thoughts, or feelings of hatred you hold towards others. This can bring ‘bad fruits’ to your life. Usually, negative thoughts mainly arise from negative minds. These thoughts have been fruitful at some point as they have come into your heart. Ultimately they can lead to these missteps.

You may have emotional and inner wounds because of past events. Only no one can understand or see them. For example, broken relationships, the loss of a loved one, the divorce of your parents, or your own divorce. All these events cause inner pain and sorrow. When Navayo suffered from cluster headaches, his environment could not see or feel it. But it was definitely there.

In this coaching and training we will discuss in more detail how to get out of difficult situations. It always starts with you. It starts with forgiving yourself or others. And acceptance. Accept as it is. Navayo will coach and train you and give you guidance. How you can come back stronger out of a negative situation, or overcome something that is currently going on in your life and make it stop. In order to make a new start in life. Navayo works with a source in which purity, truth and light are important. Some sources he uses are impure for training, coaching or help. That's why you can recognize each tree by its fruits and whether it produces good or bad fruits. These trees symbolize us, and the fruits represent our character. Someone who speaks bad and negative words, is someone you don't want to listen to anymore. These words can make your heart sick. However, this is the same with words shared from a hidden and wrong source. That's why distinction and insight are so important. A nice metaphor and comparison: we do not eat bad and spoiled food in natural life either.

You cannot eat from a tree that produces bad fruit. Because it can make our hearts sick. What you need is a healthy heart. That is only possible through healthy spiritual food. Just as we need good food for a healthy body. You can add flavour by being the salt yourself. If you allow yourself to be overpowered by setbacks, you can become salt-free and lifeless. Which can make you feel worthless and lame in life. In this coaching and training you learn to walk a path that you do not know of yet. It is a training and coaching that stands for transformation and change. You get to know yourself better. You will learn that people are actually like trees that can produce good or bad fruits. Our character also plays an important role in this. A good tree that produces good fruit cannot have bad roots. When the roots are not good, the fruits cannot be good either. In this coaching we go deeper into receiving the right (spiritual) nourishment. Only then you can produce good things. This means that we should not only eat in the natural healthy way. Also, in our spiritual life we have to eat good healthy food. If this is not the case, you can spiritually die. Just as you can physically die if you continue to eat unhealthy food. If you don't feed and water your plants properly, they also will die over time. In this training you will learn how to be fruitful in the things you do, both in society and in your private life.

First session

During this session we get to know each other and I show you what I can do for you.

The first session (30 minutes) is free.

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