Spiritual prison

There are two kinds of prisons

You may be in prison for committing a mistake and found guilty. This will force you to stay in prison for a certain period of time and you will not be able to go outside whenever you want. After you have done your time, you are free to go wherever and whenever you want. However, the stigma of this imprisonment, even though you are free again, can still be spiritually present. Therefore 70% recidivism among people who have been imprisoned is kind of normal. Which means they often fall back into their old pattern.

Some people however are mentally imprisoned. For this target group we have this coaching and training.  These people feel that they have been imprisoned for life and although they should be ''free'', they are physically free but mentally bound.

Someone can be mentally/spiritually imprisoned because he or she is "physically emotionally wounded". This can also be a handicap, an "intellectual disorder", instead of a mental disorder.

This can be caused by rejection, not being able to forgive another person, disappointments because of unfulfilled promises and desires, hatred, anger, dissatisfaction,

Hypersensitivity (when you care too much about things or are sensitive to what others think of you).

This includes trauma, frustration and powerlessness and not being happy in life.

Think of nightmares, strange dreams, insecurity and feelings of guilt.

All these kinds of things can cause emotional injuries.

When these things put down some roots, they can create a 'stone heart'.

You will become more and more insensitive to everything that surrounds you, so you become more and more at distant of your heart and feelings. You can lose contact, so you are no longer grounded. You are no longer present in your body with full attention and consciousness.

The good news is you can get rid of it and full recovery is possible.

Below is a list of things that may be subject to "spiritual imprisonment". Who knows, you may recognize yourself in one or more of the following:

  • A relationship or friendship that ends suddenly after six weeks without any reason.
  • An employment contract is just never being renewed or is not converted into a long-term contract. This means you always have to change jobs, or are in between jobs.
  • Products, ordered via the Internet, never arrive or are damaged.
  • You are always involved in accidents or you are always unlucky with appointments or things that go wrong.
  • You are often tired or sick of the craziest things, there is always something going on without you understanding what’s causing it.
  • You often lose things or you feel that you have lost control of your life.
  • You are tormented by nightmares, bad dreams and negative thoughts, failures in your life or you feel miserable or you get stuck with yourselves or those around you.
  • As soon as you are under a lot of pressure everything goes wrong or you get stressed. You cannot handle any tension. You have a low self-image and never find yourself good enough.
  • People take advantage of you and you have trouble saying no to them.
  • You are attacked by negative or impure thoughts. Which makes you feel filthy and unclean inside.
  • Everything else that seem to match this.

The things mentioned above seem to happen structurally in the lives of these people. A certain pattern keeps coming back. During this training and coaching you will be intensively guided to get rid of all of this.

A proactive attitude on the part of the client/coachee is expected, because the solution is already in you.

Even people who are not mentally imprisoned can learn how to walk more and more in continuous freedom. The cause of spiritual and emotional bondage is a spiritual imprisonment. Because you can't do what you would like to do. The keys being released during this training are intended to help others who have similar problems.

First session

During this session we get to know each other and I show you what I can do for you.

The first session (30 minutes) is free.

If you like to continue after the first session, you will be send a quotation before we continue.