Spiritual transformation

Renewal of your inner being, a spiritual transformation

Spiritual transformation is the renewal of the inner being, by renewing and reforming your mind. This is what happens if your heart is changed and transformed by working on your inner consciousness and your heart. Your inner side is not visible to the people around you, but only to yourself. It is your character, your heart, your world of thoughts and your conscience that let you be who you are. In addition to natural food, we also need spiritual/mentally food to live. And in the long run even to be able to survive.

When you feed yourself spiritually with the right elements, your spiritual and mental life can be renewed and changed. This will change your personal life as well. Your outer appearance and impression will also be illuminated. So your time and moment to shine like a light in a dark world has come. This transformation can only come about when you touch your deepest feelings. When you are not in good contact with your heart and spiritual senses, you will not be able to act from a renewed heart. By doing so, you are acting completely rationally from your mind. Because your inner being and your heart and feeling are switched off. The reason for this is usually a petrified heart. This is a heart that is not able to flow. Which means it can be tender and soft. This is the main reason why people are not able to touch their 'feelings' and heart. The stone heart interferes spiritual transformation. It makes you feel more insensitive. And relationships fail.

First session

During this session we get to know each other and I show you what I can do for you.

The first session (30 minutes) is free.

If you like to continue after the first session, you will be send a quotation before we continue.