Stress and physical complaints

Wounds of the soul and physical complaints

Many people suffer from chronic pain, or physical complaints that come and go. It can be headaches, shoulder pain, back pain or neck pain. The pain can be stress-related or even a stress disorder. Maybe the pain is caused after a fall or an accident. However, many complaints have a mental cause. When you worry a lot, or are worried about anything, this already can cause physical complaints. Maybe there’s something going on you don't know anything about and causes these symptoms. It can be certain images that you have received as a gift, or perhaps even a painting or a book.

Many people don't realise that the things they bring into their home can also have consequences for their mental state. This effects their physical situation also.

Many complaints are usually not visible to the human eye. Because it all happens on the inside.

Through Point of Contact (laying on of hands) a lot of complaints can be eased or even completely disappear.

Through effective and adequate training, you can even remain completely free of complaints thanks to coaching and training.

If you know the source or the origin of your pain or stress symptoms, you can eliminate the roots of these symptoms and put them out of action. Working with your visual abilities and the inner side to get to the core of the complaints, helps.

If you can't get to your feelings and therefore have bad contact with your heart, you can suffer from many complaints. Such as cold hands and feet, or you may feel not grounded. It can be the reason of not functioning well in daily life.

A 'Point of Contact' is needed to release something that is stuck or disturbed inside.

Doing so you will come to the heart of the matter, and a lot of rubbish that has accumulated inside of you can be cleaned up. Stress factors, toxins and wrong substances can accumulate deep within. Following the right training and coaching, will eliminate all of this.

There is a connection between stress and physical complaints:

  • Joint complaints
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Pain in arms or legs
  • Abdominal pain and dizziness

There is also a connection between mental and physical complaints:

  • Worries and headaches
  • Emotional stress and tension headaches
  • Weakness and not being able to get to your feelings and back pain
  • Emotional tension and headaches
  • Problems with concentration, lack of energy and absenteeism and fatigue
  • Fears, worries, chest pain or chest pressure
  • Sensitivity and stimuli in the body and pain in arms or legs, abdominal pain and dizziness

Wounds of the soul, emotional wounds and tension complaints, back pain and chest pain.

Wounds of the soul and emotional injuries are usually the reason why people get sick. This is what Navayo calls the roots of the problem. A delayed expectation or a broken promise can also make the heart sick. A desire that is fulfilled is like a tree of life.

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