The inner being

The inner being

We live in a world in which people are often engaged with external affairs.

Think about the following:

  • What they look like in terms of appearance, clothing and the way the people around them see them.
  • How other people see them in terms of general impression and whether they are comfortable with their surroundings.

Status symbols play an important role here:

  • A nice car, a nice house that increases the social status. Especially if it is something that is unattainable for many people. Like beautiful shoes, expensive clothing or expensive equipment, many people derive their status from that.
  • Hierarchy and prestige are things that are important to people because it makes them who they are. Or who they rather would like to be since this is still lacking in their lives. In summary, many of these things relate to social status and who you are on the outside.

The point is that the environment plays a role and influences people. You see someone who is not in reality like that. On social media everyone seems to be doing so well and seldom wrong. It is like a dream world in which every marriage is good. However, many people lose themselves in it and want the outside world to think that everything is going well, while this may not be the case at all.

Many people often do not realize there is an inside and an outside as well. This can just be overlooked. Navayo is talking about the inner being.

Working on your inner being is hard. But very important because your inner side is the real you. The person who is unknown to many of the people around you. What is inside, must become visible from the outside.

What is living inside of you? What is in your heart? And how do you describe yourself? Most of the time in a way you think and feel. For example, your inner state of mind.

Many people find it difficult to talk about themselves, because they don't know who they really are inside.

Your personal world of thought, your dreams and also the images you see play an important role. Because our outer being, the person that people see physically, will fall into disrepair. But our inner being needs to be renewed day by day.

Besides a natural life we also have a spiritual life. A different life than the life of this world. It is a world that is not visible at the outside. Since it is the invisible side of our life. A life we usually want to keep hidden from our surroundings.

When you neglect your appearance, it is almost immediately visible to people and they will point that out to you.

When you neglect your inner being, this is not immediately visible to the outside world. Or they will never be able to put their finger on it exactly.

No one knows you are a porn addict, for example, no one knows you have negative thoughts or feelings. No one knows you suffer from nightmares, impure thoughts, shame, guilt, strange dreams or that you are just lonely and unhappy. Because you cannot meet the demands of others, yourself or this life. Hardly anyone knows this, unless they can see it clearly. Or they know you in so many ways.

This also applies to a negative self-image. A negative self-image is due to rejection or inner frustrations thanks to failures in your life. It can also be a burden.

Usually, under the pressure of our environment, we are more concerned about the outer things of life. We are constantly saving treasures and riches here in this world and we are busy with material matters.

In this coaching and training we will also put our attention to this.

How to work on our inner being that is invisible to the outside world. Your inner being is visible to you when you go deep inside of you. For example, trauma processing or inner wounds caused by bad relationships.

Sometimes the heart needs healing or there will be disappointments because of unfulfilled promises that need to be dealt with.

When you neglect your inner being, you as a person will never be able to reach full maturity. Because many things need to be put an end to but continue to exist.

If you are ill or wounded, don't you take care of your sickness or your wound? In the same way you have to take care of your inner wounds. Injuries that have been inflicted on your soul.

Navayo has seen a lot of people and was allowed to coach and train many people who were so busy taking care of others, so they forgot all about themselves. They wanted to save half the world, so to speak, but instead they mainly damaged their own souls.

When you neglect yourself, you forget to invest in your own future and life.

By working on yourself, you can find peace in yourself and others around you.

In this process we can pick up the hidden things in your life, so that you are able to shine in those areas in which you are broken now. Matters of the heart and feeling.

If these things are well organized for yourself, we can work on becoming even greater.

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